Z77-D3H not booting up with GMC H80 and cosair 600 watt power supply

I am having issues with booting the pc for the firstime. its a new box and i have the following. the Z77-D3H , Cosair600 watt power supply , 4 gig corsair vengeance , intel ivy bridge 3750k and western digital with a GMC H80 case . Everything seems plugged in properly and everything is out of the box but when i switch on it switches immediatly off. Can you guys help me perhaps as i am getting worried and desperate and thinking i should do a bios update how if it cannot even boot up? :sweat:
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  1. 8pi and 24pin are in?
  2. Does CPU fan spin when you power on?
  3. Try to insert only one dimm to see if you can get it booted up and enter bios to check default and version for cpu support.
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