Asus P8Z77-V Pro Startup Failure

Hey everyone, I've run out of ideas. Any help would be much appreciated.

It is a new build but the system was running flawlessly for a few hours (I was running games with safe temps on CoreTemp etc.). Everything was stable but I wanted to do a better thermal grease application so I turned off and unplugged the system. I then removed a stick of memory in order to get the heatsink. I removed it, reapplied AS5 thermal grease, put the heatsink back on, put the memory stick back in, and then this happened:

PROBLEM: No picture is coming up on the monitor. Basically it flashes a black screen like it is going to start then the monitor goes idle. It won't even go to bios. The "boot device led" is lit up red.

I tried reseating my memory. I tried clearing CMOS. I tried removing the battery for 45 mins. I tried unplugging everything besides 1 stick of memory. No luck so far.

Asus P8Z77V-PRO
Intel i5-3570K ivy bridge
SanDisk Extreme SSD 120
Nvidia GTX 570HD
OCZ Silencer 750W EPS12V
Samsung S27A750 27"
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  1. You will have to reload the operating system in "repair" mode, or replace a defect motherboard.
  2. I think you misunderstood. I can't even get to the bios. RMA might be my only option. Hopefully someone has some other ideas.
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