Help with a new PC for gaming!


My name is Chris and I've been trying to learn more about computers as of late but as of NOW I'm still extremely noobish.

I was wondering how well a model a friend bought will work for gaming.

*It is a Gateway model SX2803*

I tried playing APB on it and it lags up a storm and doesn't seem to load much at all. Many of the game details remain as generic graphics and such.

Is this system upgradeable to become viable? (If it isn't already and I'm not just forgetting to tweak with settings)

Thanks for any help you can offer!


Edit : I didn't even really introduce myself to the forum...silly me. I've been browsing this forum on occasion for awhile now and I decided to go ahead and sign up! You all seem so helpful and learned, glad to be here!
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  1. as you have already found its a poor performer with a bottom end processor and integrated graphics .
    Many computers like this will game much better if you ca add a gfx card , but many dobt even have the right kind of expansion slot to let you do that .
  2. ahh ok well thanks for the reply man. I'll make sure I don't make the same mistake he did ;) I think I'll use the forums here to find a rig to build myself..and by myself I mean with the help of someone that has a clue ;)
  3. Welcome to Tom's!

    Whether or not you can upgrade something depends a lot on what's already in it. Like Outlander said, a graphics card would REALLY speed things up, but if it's a bottom end system, the power supply in it probably wont be able to support anything very powerful.
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