What graphics card will fit a Dell Inspiron 570 MT?

Hey guys, I'm upgrading my computer, and yes it's a Dell. I was gifted this about a month ago and the integrated graphics card is, to say the least, terrible.

So, the computer has;

AMD Athlon™ II X4 Processor 630 2.8 GHz
ST2320L 23-inch Full HD Widescreen Monitor (Don't know if this is needed)
Integrated ATI Radeon HD4200 Graphics
1TB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)
300w PSU

I want to put in a new graphics card so I can play some games like Crysis 2, the CoD series, Dragon Age 2, and Bulletstorm. I haven't played on my PC in about 2 years, so please, bear with me if I'm being tough. I need the help!

So the graphics cards that I'm looking at are;

I might have to upgrade the PSU, I know lol. The ones I'm looking are;

So my question is, can I install whatever card I want and the PSU in the Dell Inspiron 570 MT's case? As in, is the case big enough to install both the graphics card and the PSU? The case that comes standard with the desktop. The dimensions of this box are;
Height: 37.53cm (14.8")
Width: 17.59cm (6.93")
Depth: 44.22cm (17.44")

Oh and are the parts I chose above all compatible with my computer?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for all the help

Other random notes;
I will not be overclocking any parts (though I don't mind if they come overclocked)
My budget for all this is about 230-250
I would like to purchase the upgrades before the end of this month
I also have plans to add another monitor soon so this might be a factor in choosing another graphics card not listed here.
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  1. You can install nearly any "standard" power supply and PCI-E video card in that system. Really a matter of preferences and budget. The Seasonic is a great choice, I have several of them, including one of that very model in a Dell XPS 410 (there is a small gap at the bottom of the PSU because of the size difference with the Dell PSU, but the mounting screws are standard).

    Either GPU (video card) is fine, I prefer ATI over Nvidia, but many feel the opposite. regardless, both are leaps and bounds ahead of the on-board HD4200.
  2. I don't really know if I want to get the Seasonic one as the HD 6850 says that it requires atleast a 500w PSU. I don't feel as if a 520w PSU is enough cushion for me..any thoughts on this guys?

    Also, both are compatible with my computer right? The motherboard is the standard one that came with Dell, I don't really know the specs of it, sorry.. If anyone could tell me, that'd be great!

    And yeah, the integrated 4200 sucks
  3. I use a the very same PSU with a HD5850 that needs more juice and it is more than enough. really is a VERY nice PSU.
  4. So which is better? the 5850 or the 6850?
    Why is the 5850 still priced so high still?
  5. Because the 5850 is actually a higher performance GPU than the 6850. The 6850 is newer tech, but the 5850 has more horsepower in terms of raw performance.

    You really can't go wrong with either of them.
  6. Which would you recommend? Why does the 6850 balk in front of the 5850? Just bad drivers right now? Or the tech is just different?
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    bazicdude said:
    Which would you recommend? Why does the 6850 balk in front of the 5850? Just bad drivers right now? Or the tech is just different?

    The real issue is one of branding more than anything. The higher model number implies higher performance than previous generations, but with the 5850/6850 and the 5870/6870 that was not the case. AMD/ATI kind of goofed that one up and were widely criticized for that faux pas.

    That being said the 5850 will outperform the 6850 (the 5850 and the 6870 are actually closer in performance) in the games you listed earlier. If cost isn't a factor (or at least a deciding factor), I would recommend the 5850. However, if cost is a factor the 6850 is still very good and will perform well for the games you listed.

    There really is not a wrong answer here. Good luck!
  8. What if I plan to crossfire in the future? Which is better then?
  9. The 6850 CFs very nicely and will generate less heat than 2 HD5850s (and draw less power). I would score the 6850 better for that reason for this question.
  10. Yeah I plan to upgrade my computer slowly and get xfire 6850s so I decided on getting one 6850 for now. Thanks for all the help!
  11. You are most welcome. Have fun!
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