What is the best ram for my pc?

Hello guys,i wanted to upgrade my ram,maybe putting 8gb.I just wanted to know what would be the best RAM for my pc.
Motherboard:MSI P67A-C45 B3
GPU:GTX 560 factory overclocked
psu:500w 80+

Note:Price is not an issue as long as it is 8gb or less.
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  1. That one ^ will do fine : )
  2. kingston,corsair,crucial,g skill,mushkin,etc all are good brands.it depends on your taste.just make sure it is 1600mhz and 1.5V(or less like 1.35V) kit.here are my recommendations according to color and all of them perform almost same:
    Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB-
    kingston hyperx blu 8GB-
    corsair vengeance white 8GB-
    good luck with your choice ;)
  3. There is no reason you should buy a 1600Mhz RAM. 2x4GB 1333Mhz will be enough for you. Core i5 2400 supports bandwidth max of 21.2GB/s which in case of your 1600Mhz purchase would reach 25.6GB/s. This extra 4.4 Ghz won't be used so why waste money on big numbers?

    I would suggest 2x4GB "good manufacturer" 1333Mhz RAM.
  4. ^good point but if you read out some forums and articles like this -
    I think we confirmed what we pretty much knew all along: Sandy Bridge's improved memory controller has all but eliminated the need for extreme memory bandwidth, at least for this architecture. It's only when you get down to DDR3-1333 that you see a minor performance penalty. The sweet spot appears to be at DDR3-1600, where you will see a minor performance increase over DDR3-1333 with only a slight increase in cost. The performance increase gained by going up to DDR3-1866 or DDR3-2133 isn't nearly as pronounced.

    source- http://www.anandtech.com/show/4503/sandy-bridge-memory-scaling-choosing-the-best-ddr3/8
    then you will find that 1600mhz is *most highly* preferred ram speed.anything above 1600mhz is waste.
  5. both are good,just go with low profile and cheaper kit.better checkout my previous post.
  6. why spend $60 when you can get same performance for less?
  7. hellfire24 said:
    why spend $60 when you can get same performance for less?

    yeah you are right..
    But in terms of quality/stability/overclockabily which is a better brand Corsair or Gskill ?
  8. in terms of quality/stability/overclocking potential you don't need it(in fact no one needs it) Crucial is best IMO.they have lowest failure rates but they don't look cool as corsair or G skill.
  9. I say Corsair is better : )
  10. does a lower timing=better performance?
  11. nikorr said:
    I say Corsair is better : )

    their customer service is excellent.
  12. ash256 said:

    VERY GOOD Kit (F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM) with less issues when in 2x4GB + 2x4GB than (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL) which often won't run @ DDR3-1600 when in 16GB.

    As far as DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600 or faster - I recommend DDR3-1600 CAS 8 or 9 ; nice article -> http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/memory/2011/01/11/the-best-memory-for-sandy-bridge/1
  13. does a lower timing=better performance?
  14. Well usually faster the timing better will be the performance as it'll be in sync with CPU speed but in some cases choosing higher speeds rather than optimum speeds have posed problems like system hanging and slow downs.
    So choose an optimum performance RAM rather than searching for faster RAM
  15. ash256 said:
    does a lower timing=better performance?

    Well, its nothing that u will notice with your eyes : )

    Only long encoding 7hrs+ or a benchmarks will show something to notice.
  16. ash256 said:
    does a lower timing=better performance?

    Yes, both higher frequency and lower CAS Timings increase performance.

    CAS latency = (CAS / Frequency (MHz)) × 1000 = X ns

    CAS latency = (8 / 800) × 1000 = 10.00 ns ; CAS 8 DDR3-1600
    CAS latency = (9 / 800) × 1000 = 11.25 ns ; CAS 9 DDR3-1600

  17. nikorr said:
    Well, its nothing that u will notice with your eyes : )

    Only long encoding 7hrs+ or a benchmarks will show something to notice.

    The reason I like the (F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM) kit is because it behaves very well and has an excellent track record. The performance gains are minimal, but so are the potential headaches compared to other kits.

    Certain lines of RAM are great and ditto some are bad even from the same 'assembler' or OEM Mfg. Example I love Corsair Dominator's but you couldn't give me free Corsair XMS series. It's all in the quality and selection of the IC's.
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