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OK hope somebody can refresh my memory of a wabsite A used to use to find out what the beep codes are relating to when you first turn on your computer. Used to have the site saved but cant find it. Anyways I have bought a compaq dc7600 desktop, when I turn it on I get 4 beeps. The unit showed up with something flopping around inside. when I investigated I found that whoever refurbished the unit just layed the harddrive in place with no set screws in the side of the hard drive. So the hardrive flopped its way all the way from Virginia to Arizona. I hope they survived as I bought two units. can somebody tell me what 4 beeps mean and give me the address to a site that have the code references. Realy Really would appreciate it.
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    Is the first beep longer than the three that follow? If so, that's typically a video or RAM issue. You really have to listen to beep codes and determine each beep's individual duration. It's that varying duration that actually allows for identification of the code.

    Been a long time since I've had to use it, but I usually use this site because it has codes from different PC manufacturers (HP, Dell, Acer, etc.) in addition to those of actual BIOS manufacturers (AMI, Award, Phoenix):
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have figured it out. I googled compaq beep codes and have Identified the Issue. 5 Long beeps with 5 red LED flaches on a Compaq dc7600 means there is a issue with the memory. In this case the seller I bought from used an incompatible chip.
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