What is this? And any idea how to remove this fan filter?

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  1. Randomacts said:

    Those little black pieces of mesh that are bent over on the inside of the cover is what is holding the filter on. I clean the filters on my Antec 902 with a paintbrush although I have read that they can be washed, but I am not up for that.

    It seems that part you are referring to is a place for something to be fitted there. Best would be to contact the vendor and ask them.
  2. vacuum cleaner,you can probably leave them in place whilst you do it.
  3. hmm ok what about that side thing *the first picture* what is it?
  4. passive air inlet - unfiltered.
  5. 13thmonkey said:
    passive air inlet - unfiltered.

    No air is going to intake through there lol.. Only exhast.. I have positive air pressure.
  6. As I said contact the vendor or manufacturer. I can see there are screw holes there for mounting something.
  7. the p180 used to have a rear mounted inlet fan to feed the gpu in that position, then they found it did nothing so removed the fan but left the grill, i taped it up so that I could control the airflow.
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