Better radeon 6850 oc or gt 450

i can either get the nvidia gts450 or the radeon 6850 oc for the same price.. both 1 gig 256 bit cards.. wich one should i take???
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  1. Yes, the 6850 is a much better card that a GTS 450.
    Hands down, it is the better choice.
  2. i dont see how they would be the same price, the gts450 is usually a lot cheaper, the 6850 is more expensive and a lot more powerful.
  3. +1 to all the above the 6850 is similar in performance (and should be price) to the GTX 460 1Gb version.
  4. my mistake... sorry!!! not the gts... the GTX!!!!! its either the gigabyte radeon 6850 co or the inno 3d gtx 450 0c... please give me the right choice here!!!!!!
  5. Both 1 gig version!!!
  6. Still the same answer the 450 is nowhere near as good
  7. Radeon ftw. :)
  8. i think the op meant the gtx 550 but even that the 6850 is still better
  9. im no use with this stuff lol.. btw i bought the 6850 this morning and started playing battlefield bad company 2..... insane graphics!!!!! thanx for making me choose that card.. its really one hell of a card....
    another question tho, what temperature is normal while playing a game??? i wana adjust the fans a bit, but i dont want it to run to hot!!
    Thanx again... vrede!
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    Do not be to worried about the temps, GPUs are designed to run HOT!

    Maxing out in the mid nineties is not uncommon and the maximum allowable temperatures should be 105°C.
    If your GPU does somehow heat up that far, it will automatically throttle back to keep the temperature in check.
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