What is a 600w peak?

Hello, I have a 500w Rocketfish Gaming power supply, on the box, it says 600w peak. What the heck does 600w peak mean? Does that mean that it's rated at 500w but has a maximum output of 600w?

Thanks for reading and answering,

Austin Cox
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  1. Well sounds like to me it's rated for a sustained 500w, but can burst up to 600w if needed. You don't often see that anymore, but it's just giving you a little wiggle room.
    However, that's a pretty crappy PSU. If possible, you should return it and get something like a Corsair CX 430 or Antec 430. What is your system?
  2. That would be really nice, but I build the system, it powered up and everything, but it kept freezing, turns out, it had 2 bad DIMM's RMA'd it back too newegg and am awaiting a replacement, the mobo is a Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 rev 3.1 hopefully the next one will be okay. :P.
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