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Is this a good cooler for the intel core i5 2500k?

Hello, i want to know if this is a good cooler and thermal compound?

also will this fit in my case?

Thermal Compound:

CPU Fan/Heatsink:


if u can find something better at the same price LOWER temps please let me know i want my cpu to stay below 50c (130○F i think) and its okay if it stays on a SOLID-50c maybe 51c

or is the MX-02 just fine on it i think the mx-02 gets better the longer its on there
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  1. Yes that cooler will definitely fit in your case. Have you not maybe thought about this ?

    There are a lot of reviews showing how good this cooler is including toms.
  2. people saying tht cooler is 70c but they dont say if it is oc or not

    Keeps my i5-2500k below 70C all the time no matter how long the load.

    70c is out of my comfy zone i love building Computers but i wont love frying my cpus im trying to keep the cpu a long time about 5-10 years im even going to get a modular psu soon to keep the air flow going stronger i want to make my computer last along time because it will need to with a gtx 560ti
  3. I have a i7-2600K with a COOLER MASTER 212 Plus. On full load (not overclocked) the highest temp I've hit is 52C. That is only one fan. I could buy another fan and put it on but I don't plan too unless I want to overclock it. I don't see the need yet to overclock yet so... yeah. I recommend 212 Plus.
  4. okay then ill think about the thermal paste on it good? or should i just stick with the Artic cooling thing
  5. thermal paste from stock hyper 212 is good
  6. I used the CM thermal paste that came with it. I know people would prefer Arctic Silver 5 more. I don't really think it matters that much. You might as well buy Arctic Silver 5.
  7. waste money and does not much drop temperature
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    Alright, my final suggestion is go with Hyper 212+ and use the stock thermal paste that comes with it and save $10 not buying Arctic Silver 5.

    Just so you know, it's safe to have temps up to 75C according to Intel I think. I know lots of people say this though. I've had my laptop CPU run up to 89C and it works fine like nothing ever happened. I didn't know that it was dangerous then. =) So this fan will definitely keep your CPU at a constant 50C-55C range at full load.

    I just realized you had two threads about CPU fans. Well, I've already suggested a 2nd fan so use that Arctic Silver 5 money for that $10 fan instead. I've read that it can decrease temps by 5C or so.
  9. the 212+ is way better then the freezer pro you selected.
    get the 212+
  10. okay then it does seem cheaper
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  12. Thanks guys i am going with the coolermaster 212+
  13. If your going to hammer the cpu with high temps, then the 212+ is a very good coller but the Prolimatech Genesis is the dogs bollocks at the moment.
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