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I brought a PC from ebay, a top rated seller ect, yesterday it was playing up and then today it turned off, and i was like right. so i tryed to put it back on, nothing happened so i opened the tower and reinstalled the graphics card but still nothing was showing on the screen, and then the third time a sparc come out of the crappy PSU and its blown, it wont turn on now so im going to buy a new PSU and a new MOBO

I have a GTS250 (i have not been able to use because there is not 8-pin connector

I have an AMD II X4 645

500gb HHD


Any mobo/PSU you guys tihnk i should get? I'm not too good on money but yeah.

Sorry this is rushed.

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  1. You can get adaptors for the 8pin from a molex on the psu which will power the gts
    your mobo might be ok, get a new psu first and see if you get sorted out
    and if you do need a mobo is great and well priced
    I'm assuming your a uk member though
  2. Thanks, i will buy that when i make the money, i think it might be the motherboard because the computer would turn on, but nothing would show on the screen, i changed the graphics card twice and still nothing.

    Thanks :D
  3. No probs man, glad to help
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