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Can I have a fauly cpu cooler on i7 sandy bridge

I picked up a cpu and motherboard combo but the cpu was the display one and the heatsink was kept in the managers office supposedly.
I seriously cannot put the pins in, i can hardly get 2 pins in. Ive put in heatsinks more than a dozen times on other builds, and have put 2 similar sandy bridge heatsinks this past week without the slightest problem.
This heatsink just refuses to click. I leave the legs unrotated opposite the arrow and push down, they dont go in or the tips prematurely come out.
I am so frustrated. Should I just take back the cpu and heatsink and ask for another one at frys. Its been a week im sure they restocked.
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  1. You could take it back, push pins do have a habbit of failing.

    Stock heatsink suck anyway and since you have a nice cpu, spend £20 and get yourself a Hyper212+, a wise investment.
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    I think that if a heatsink is on a desk, it's there being used as a neo-art paperweight. And there was something wrong with it for it to be there sitting pretty under the desk light. And they knew it.

    Get another one. If you can.
  3. I went and asked for an exchange after a long hassle I got a new one. The boxed cpu and heat sink had a DIFFERENT HEATSINK. The part that attaches to the cpu had a copper/gold colored face. Wow talk about assholes. They had given me a broken i3 heatsink with a i7.
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