How well will my system run Crysis 2?

My system specs are

CPU - Intel 2500k @ 3.7ghz
Mobo - Asus Sabertooth P67
Ram - 12gb DDR3 1600
GPU - Nvidia GTX 570 Stock
HDD - 250gb 7200RPM

What settings will I be able to achieve with a constant 30+ FPS with my system?

Given that LGA1155 Mobo's are limited to a single PCIe 16x or SLI at 8x/8x (which apparently shared PCIe bandwidth whether at 16x/16x or 16x/8x or 8x/8x barely has a difference unless running multiple displays at extremely high resolutions; as in much above 1920x****) Will SLI GTX 570 greatly enhance performance where as I will be able to run Crysis 2 settings on enthusiast without a low FPS average?
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  1. you will nodoubt be able to achieve greater then 30 fps constant in this game I have a similar system to you execpt you have a better cpu but the game runs great on my config, not nearly as demanding as the first two games
  2. Wow according to the benchmark my CPU is way up there with my GPU ranking in right behind the GTX 480 and not too far away from the 580...
  3. Crysis 2 is less demanding than the first game.

    And 8x/8x isn't really going to screw up SLI 570 performance, but yeah, it's true you would see better scaling at higher resolution. Still, the gain with SLI would be pretty significant.

    And yeah, you didn't know a 570 is basically equal to a 480?
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