I'm looking to buy a netbook/ ultra portable for school for next year, and
am going to be in the US until the middle of August.

I care about battery life, basic graphics, and a GOOD keyboard (no shortened Shift key)
with the price not exceeding 500$ by much (max 550$).

After looking online, I feel that the AMD E-350 is probably the processor that I want,
and the computer that I've liked the most so far is the HP dm1z also know as the dm1-3020us

Does anyone have a better idea, a different computer that I should consider?

Thanks for any help,
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  1. In my opinion 400 is a bit much for a netbook. I personally wouldn't spend more than 350 for a netbook. Have you thought about getting a smaller laptop with an upgraded or spare battery.
  2. IMO, if you're interested in the DM1, the X120e should interest you more. Its essentially the same specs, with better build quality, tweakability, fantastic keyboard and same crappy (but matte) screen. You do have to wait for stock though and lenovo's return policy is pretty mediocre.
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