8-Pin EPS12V to 8-Pin (6+2) PCI Express

Which is better
8-Pin EPS12V to 8-Pin (6+2) PCI Express

im using this PSU

and people are saying that Molex-8pin is bad to use then why does it come with the Ati Radeon 4850x2 as a adapter for it...
anyways i need to know what is better and if anyone else knows of a cheap PSU around $30 that will work too... i have promo codes so what Wattage should i look for running

AMD Phenom II x4 925 BE not OC'ed
ATI Radeon 4850x2
and the rest really doesnt matter... can link if neccesary...
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  1. I wouldn't trust that power supply it has less amps on the 12V rail than a good 500W power supply, ie it has 32A and a corsair CX500 has 34A andf ids only $5 more on the same site and is also 80+ certified
  2. Its gotten great reviews but ok i see your point but my point is i dont have the money right now to fork out for a $60 PSU... on i can get a $60 PSU for around $30... with all the savings..
    So is there anyone out there who knows the savings from the newsletter and can tell me what is the cheapest and will work for me?? or if the PSU i have can hold out a lil bit?
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    Saphire recommend a good 650W power supply for that card see so I would not chance a 600W that supplies less power than a good 500W. Also cheap brands nomally give Max power ratings not continuous. Though I would not chance it, it will most likely work but if it dies it can damage you motherboard, CPU, graphics card and everything. I suggest you wait until you can get a good brand 650W PSU.
  4. That PSU is a joke. 2 SATA plugs? The 32A 12V rail?

    I'm also not sure what you are talking about. The 8pin that comes with that PSU is for the motherboard. It won't fit in the 4850x2. You would need a molex to 8pin PCIe, if they even make such a thing. I don't think you should use that PSU to power that card. It's honestly that simple.

    Thankfully newegg has what you are looking for. $58 shipped, no rebate. Counting the shipping Tiger was going to charge you this probably comes out cheaper.
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