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I'm not too happy with my first attempt at cable management within my new build. This is the first time I've tried to do it and I don't think I did it very efficiently. The computer boots perfectly and I got Windows installed etc and running around 24-26 degrees C on idle. (Stock right now)

I'm using a HAF 922 case with LEPA 900W PSU (:P)

Please let me know what you think as far as what I could do to better manage the cables in the case.

Here are some of my concerns:

- PCI-e power cords are ran through HDD space rendering any future HDD upgrades useless w/o a reroute.
- Extra SLI Molex power cord is ran up over the radiator down to the Molex power slot on MB above Video Cards.
- 12v power cable is ran around Video cards, zip'd to Main power cable (Which is ran through back).
- There are A LOT of unuses power connections just dangling out there... just look at the one ran around the Radiator.
- I tried running the 12v 8-pin connector behind the motherboard tray and it was probably two inches short from working.

Suggestions on how to fix this wiring? Or is it really that bad?



(Sorry about picture quality, had to use my phone)

Edit: It may help to list everyting I have to hook up in the case:

- DVD Drive - Sata/power
- SSD - Sata/power
- Storage HDD - Sata/power
- All case power: 12v, Main power... also plugging in a Molex into SLI extra power on motherboard
- PCI-E for two GTX 580's
- All Sata to MB

That's really about it... I feel like I've gone overboard with the number of actually modular cables I need! lol
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  1. Hey Dray, not to bad. I would recommend t you take a trip to the hardware store and grab a couple cable ties and spiral binding you can make those 6 pin power connector cables a little neater. And just use the cable ties to tie up all the other lose cables i find this works best. And one other thing Sick system MAN!
  2. Thanks Pilk :) ... It's my first build so I'm learning as I go along lol!

    I'm thinking about disconnecting and rerouting anything I can ... I was in a hurry to get it all done to test it (It works awesome btw, already have all drivers and Windows setup ... It's blazing fast) ...

    My only concerns are how to better route the 8-pin CPU power connection, that "Extra" SLI Molex power cable in the middle of the darn motherboard and the PCI-e power cables...

    Other than that I think I can make it look pretty good in there!

    So happy all of my hardware worked on first attempt haha
  3. Buy some extension cables (e.g. 24 pin to 24 pin, 8 pin to 8 pin etc.) and route everything from the back of the motherboard tray.
  4. Finneous,

    Do you know of any stores that sell extension cables such as Best Buy etc? ... I would like to get them today if possible :)


    Edit: I got another response to flip the PSU unit which will really make routing the cables easier so I think that will be the best course of action for me. Seems like it will work hah
  5. Yeah, that'll also isolate PSU ventilation from the rest of the case.
  6. Cool :) Well thanks!
  7. So here's what I ended up with last night after your suggestions (I was able to run the DVD and Both HDD's on one SATA Power cable!) ... What do you guys think? Is that wiring behind the plate ok?

    Sorry that they are a little blurry again, didn't have anything to steady it!

    Looks better than the Original in my opinion!
  8. It's very nice :)
  9. That looks better well done, i was going to recommend running the 8 pin atx cable underneath the 2 graphics cards and then to the motherboard. But what you've done is fine it always best to run the cable behind the motherboard plate.
  10. Those last 2 pics look really good :D Nicely done.
  11. Thanks a lot everyone :)

    Have one more question about the push-pull on the H60 that I'll ask in a separate topic lol.

  12. Generally you want to pull air in from the outside. So pull from outside, push through radiator and pull through radiator on the other side and push air into case. Then roof fan as exhaust works nicely to get rid of that warm air asap.


    .................................................................. ^^^
    .................................................................. fan
    outide>>>fan>>>radiator>>>fan>>>case ^^^
  13. Looking much better, also flipping your PSU like you have done will stop it from pulling cool air away from your GPU before it has a chance to use it for itself, SLI 580s ?! What RES you playing at?
  14. Also, another tip, go and buy a fan for that bottom fan mount as that will draw cool air in straight from outside and throw it over those 2 580s to help keep them cool, as well as helping the cooling of the rest of the case.
  15. Looking a lot better since you put psu the right way :P
    yeah, as mentioned, cable ties just to keep stuff together and your looking good man
  16. Yeah again well done for the flip on the PSU probably the best thing you could have done.
  17. Thanks for the comments guys - Sorry just saw these :P

    Uther, I'm playing at 1920x1200 ... I suppose the SLI'd 580's is a bit of overkill but it is my first build lol ...

    Playing Metro 2033 at max settings the 580's are getting up to 70c ... Hoping that's okay. The metal exhaust plates on the back of the pc get HOT HOT HOT!
  18. Yeah that seems alright, tried get an extra fan card for the lower card should make an overall impact on your system temps but for now its alright.
  19. You don't need to worry about 580 temps until you see closer to 90 :D

    What kind of FPS are you getting from METRO? Any over-clocking done on the 580's? (not that its needed :D)
  20. you may also want to turn the power supply the rite way up... currently its upside down... your case had breathers cut into the base for this very reason...
    also remove the cables from the drive bays and ty them to the mounts under the motherboard at the back of the case... the rest is pretty unimportant as your using liquid cooling for the cpu your airflow wont matter as much... just make sure all the cables are either tied to the motherboard side or the open case side with clear space in the middle of the case and you should be fine.

    oops my bad i just saw you have already done what i have just suggested in your second set of pix...
  21. lol Yep HEXiT! Thanks though :)

    Adrian, I'm not sure about the FPS I'm getting just yet, I have been spending all my time so far getting the computer the way I wanted it LOL ...

    I will test it tomorrow though and let you know :) ... (and no overclocking has been done yet!)
  22. Well this was just during the first scene in Metro where the vehicle gets flipped over etc. with every setting as high as it'll go and no overclocking yet ...


    Time (ms)




    CPU temp went to 44c, GPU's were at 70c
  23. Very nice :D Temps are looking good.
  24. Going good so far! Glad I had some awesome help here at TH lol
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