Hyper 212 and Corsair Vengence Clearance

Hi guys, my question is concerning a hyper 212 and a pair of corsair vengences. My parts come in on monday and im wondering if anyone has any experiance with the Gigabyte x79-UD3 mobo and can answer whether or not itll block the first ram slot or not. Also, if I just put it in dual channel mode in the two other slots am I going to lose performance because of it? I read the Gigabyte manual and it say its optimal to put it in a1 and b1 for just dual channel slots, if i put it in a2, b2 would I lose performance?
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  1. If you use Vengence LP, there should be no clearance issue on any board.

    Since 1.5V DIMMs generate so little heat that it can be spread through the PCB's power/ground planes which makes even the heat-spreader unnecessary except maybe for mechanical protection, there is no reason to risk clearance issues by opting for flashy designs unless you chose fancied-up DIMMs for cosmetic reasons.
  2. I wish i had known that before, but i'd rather not pay a restocking fee and return shipping for the ram. Any clue on the a1, b1 and a2, b2 issue?
  3. LGA2011 CPUs are quad-channel so ideally, you would want quad DIMMs which means filling all slots for best performance otherwise you forfeit one of the main reasons people buy SB-E CPUs/motherboards.

    One possible work-around for DIMM clearance would be to simply snap the fan higher up on the heatsink but you might lose some cooling efficiency that way.
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