Phenom II x4 955 Overclocking Question :)

hi guys, i was wondering how much i could overclock the amd phenom ii x4 955 if i were to keep it for about 1 year (2 max) because i will then be getting a bulldozer chip. thanks!

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  1. noone? :(
  2. what cooler do you use for 2500k at 5ghz?!
  3. hmm, does it run cool? might get the 2500k now... :P
  4. is the mobo good? thats all i debate :) no sli needed
  5. no, the intel :D
  6. if you remove the graphics card, case and dvd drive,do you think you could make me a build to get to 400-410£?
  7. no, but i will buy about 2 months after, getting a gtx560 probarbly and an i7 2600k probarbly
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