560ti vs 6950

its the twin frozr 560 vs the 6950 twin frozr III at 950mhz..what one should i get? the 560 lets me combo so i save 20-30$ but idk which one to get..=/
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  1. 6950 when pushed to its limits will get you a little bit more performance overall, I prefer Nvidias drivers and both cards are an excellent design, but in this case I'd go with the 6950, what kind of cpu, psu, and monitor res are you running?
  2. i5 2500k 1920x1080, pc power and cooling 750w +80rated etc
  3. 6950, well factory OCed + saves you bills on electricity... like 5-10$ yearly..LOL, but overall performance @ stock is also better
  4. I would say go for the 6950 and try to unlock and/or overclock it and that will be worth the extra 50 or so over the 560 or just get a 6970 or gtx 570, I got my 570 for 304 AR you just have to see what the good deals are, I will do a little hunting,,

    here is a few good deals I found in and around your price bracket:



    I think the twinfrozr 3 6950 is also a good choice but really for not much more money you can get a 6970 or gtx 570....

    the thing about the 6970s is that it seems that there arent many non reference models up to this point which isnt nessesarily bad but

    if you are considering the twin frozr models then I assume you want a silent and cool aftermarket card that is with some luck highly overclockable...

    with all these great options personally I'd pass on the gtx 560ti
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