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I'm shopping for a new system in the "budget range" ($500-$800) and need to know if I should spend the money to upgrade the video card from the standard Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator Card to the ATI Radeon HD 5450?
I don't do hardly ANY gaming, but I do want to be able to hook up a nice HD monitor as well as my HDTV and occasionally use them at the same time. I'll be watching a lot of HD content (Itunes, Hulu, etc.). Again, possibly at the same time (I may be streaming baseball in the basement while my wife watches Glee in the living room).

Thanks for the help!!!
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  1. If it's GMA x4500 it would work, I don't think any of the lesser ones can use 2 displays at once though. What chipset is it?
  2. Looks like it is the X4500 - I could not find the ChipSet, though it would come with an Intel Core i3 550 (3.2GHz) processor.
  3. It is the X4500HD, H57 chipset
  4. I think it would work fine since you aren't gaming. It's got a DVI and an HDMI output right?
  5. Correct. Thanks for the help.
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