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please tell me that can I play any game with high graphic quality from a core i3 3.06ghz,2gb ddr 3,foxconn g55 mainboard and an asus 9500gt machine...
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  1. no/yes....No, its your graphic card very old for the new games in directx11 technology....

    And yes, the old games play full speed in directx10
  2. No 9500gt not a great gaming card, you will sacrifice quality settings on most modern games!
  3. No, but so what? the wow factor of having amazing graphics only lasts for a few weeks so just play on low settings and have fun!
  4. ^Absolutely wrong, the game part is good but for me its 99% graphics...i bought the original crysis not for the game, i just wanted to see how cool the graphics/physics were to mess around.
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