I7 930 Temps/Graphics Issues

I am having issues with my system randomly locking up on me. The screen distorts and does not respond to any keyboard actions or mouse clicks.

I have RMA'd the motherboard and the graphics card and was told that both are fine. I ran MemTest overnight and had no issues and ran Prime95 for about eight hours and the system remained stable. I tried running FurMark, and the system locked up almost immediately, but XFX says the card is fine.

I am beginning to wonder if the CPU is running too hot. According to SpeedFan, my CPU temp sits around 35-40C idle and hit about 75C at the highest while Prime95 was running. This is not overclocked and with an aftermarket cooler. SpeedFan reports that the GPU around 49C idle. Even with the case open, these idle temps only change a degree or two.

I still think the graphics card could be an issue as well.

I am also running Zone Alarm Security which I have heard can cause problems with Windows 7.

Any suggestions?

My rig:
Intel i7 930
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  1. Addtionally, I live where outdoor temps are frequently around 100 degrees F. My house is around 70-75F.
  2. Please provide details about your PSU it might be a load or stability issue.
  3. It is an Antec Earthwatts 750
  4. Some updates:

    The night that I originally posted this, my screen began to distort and seemed to change back to Aero Basic. I opened SpeedFan and noticed that the GPU temp was beginning to rise quickly toward 60 C. I went ahead and shut the computer down. I was only browsing the web, listening to iTunes, and moving some photos around.

    I also tried a friends GeForce 9600 in my machine instead of my card, but I could never get the driver to install. Upon reboot during the installation, it would lock up at the Windows logo screen.

    I also tried running FurMark again on my graphics card. This time it made it for nearly 10 mins. without locking up and temp never exceeded 94 C.
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