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So here is what I got, GTX 460 1gb with latest drivers and I'm running dual monitors, left is hp 1702 right is viewsonic q20wb with latest drivers and using dvi to vga adapters for both monitors (meaning i got analog for both). My problem is that recently my viewsonic has been acting up on me and not turning on when I boot my computer, the green power light turns on and off with nothing on the screen, not even just black its just no power on the screen at all. Before a simple power off/ power on the monitor will get it working but now days I have to unplug the vga at least 5 times before i get a signal and it powers on. I have tried switching the ports and still only the hp one works with no problems. I have also been experiencing high pitched noise coming from the viewsonic when ever there is a lot of dark colors on the screen, or screen is refreshing when i load up a game. and one more thing is that I'm getting these "ghost lines" is the only way i can explain it, these "see-thru/invisible" lines that move up and down my screen.
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  1. Dude that screen is on the way out. It is time to make that investment. Don't use the screen any more it sounds like it is rapidly becoming a fire hazard. Bin it and get another screen preferably one that supports DVI or HDMI. You will notice the difference.
  2. Have you tried replacing the cables that go to that monitor? Sounds like some sort of interference, maybe electrical or it might just be a break in the cable and by unplugging and plugging it in again your getting lucky with the connection setting together. Just a thought...
  3. High pitched squeal? Problem with monitor's internal power supply circuit.
  4. Viewsonics have the twin problems of a.) not coughing up EDID information on demand consistently, leading video cards to think they are not there, and b.) switching between adapters (VGA vs. DVI) when not asked to. Often they work well alone but are very problematic when shared or used in tandem. If the operating system can be configured to force the resolution and display (non-plug-n-play monitor) it may help.

    As for the screen glitches, that may well be a bad cable, bad video card interface, or indeed, bad monitor.
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