$350 To Spend Upgrading My PC - HELP PLEASE!

This is my first time doing this, so please forgive any "noobie" questions I may have.

I already have the following:

Geforce 9800 GT

and my internal hard drive already loaded with XP and such (does this matter, or are they all compatible?) I can get more info. on it if necessary.

I plan on purchasing the following:

Processor (quad core please :D)


Memory (4G since I am on XP)


Assuming that is all I will need to build my PC, and if it isn't, please let me know what else I will be needing. Do I need any cooling/fans? I already have one fan.

I have browsed Newegg for multiple hours and truly cannot find what seems to be the "best" combo for my price. I am looking at the $350 range.

Could you guys help me out with the supplies and information I need? I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to computers, I just want to create a better one so that my gaming does not suffer. Thanks a TON, I appreciate this more than you guys understand. :) Have a great day.
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  1. Of your current build, please tell us all of the parts and the power supply.
  2. I will not be using it anymore, I plan to buy a new power supply (I put PSU).

    I don't know any of the specs to be completely honest, I will be throwing everything away after I purchase all the new parts.

    The only parts that I will be using from my PC right now are the graphics card (Geforce 9800 GT) and the hard drive (I don't know the specs., do they matter?)

    Again, sorry about the oblivious questions. This is literally my first time doing this.
  3. Well if the PSU is decent, (I know what a PSU is), then it can be reused. Could you please check the PSU?

    As for usage, what are you going to be doing with the comp. From greatest to least just list a few.
  4. It's not decent, I assure you that haha. It's seriously 7 years old and has been heating up like an oven on a daily basis. I wouldn't keep it even if it were great, it has outlived its welcoming. :lol: It's no more than 300W-400W though, my entire PC was built for $300-$400 around 7 years ago.

    I am not going to be doing anything special at ALL. Counter-Strike: Source is the "heaviest" game I will play with 10-20 tabs on my internet browser in the background. I know I could obtain what I need for a lower price, but I rather get "better" than I need just to be safe (and I have no reason not to).

    Thanks for the quick response man!
  5. Don't mean to be a pest or anything, but could you let me know if this would be a better deal for the processor? I noticed it's $15 off, making it basically the same price as the one you posted.


    I wouldn't mind paying $15 more if it's a better option, just checkin' it out because $265 is pretty low and I don't know what else to use this $100~ on.
  6. Not worth the 15$ more I guarantee you. They'll perform the same. For future proofing sake, change the combo to this one.
    Instead of $169
  7. Alright, just checking! Good to know.

    That looks perfect man, thanks! Just to confirm since I have never done this before, it is compatible with my Geforce 9800 GT and my hard drive now, right? That PSU you posted prior is still "good" enough for this combo as well? I will be ordering everything within the hour.

    Also, just checking again, it wouldn't be worth it to spend $10~ or so more on any other memory? I'm sure it isn't worth it since you did not pick a more expensive one, but I rather not assume when I can learn. :D
  8. Yes it should be. And yes, the PSU is great it'll power your current system no doubt.

    The memory is 1333, the standard basically. No need, it'll perform the same as 1600. Hardly any difference in speed.
  9. Awesome! Thanks again for all your help, I REALLY appreciate it. Is there anything I should know/remember for installation, or is it pretty simple if I follow the instructions and watch a tutorial?
  10. Yeah no problem. Umm generally just youtube. It helps A LOT! I was building for the 1st time, youtube helped A LOT! Yeah so just watch a tut, that's basically all you need.
  11. A Little supporting evidence for you.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_56kyib-Ls&feature=relmfu Very informative, skim it and you should be good.

    A little reading material as well: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/274745-31-step-step-guide-building

    Bam. All you need.
  12. ^HAH the youtube video on my guide I see.
  13. Didn't get it from there, but nice to know.
  14. Haha, just joking around.
  15. Sweet, I bookmarked those. Do you guys think I will need any fans/cooling?
  16. You gonna OC?
  17. Oh no! Shinobi, I just realized... He's changing boards!
    Giraffem, what kind of license do you have for the Win XP copy? If it's retail, we are good. If it's OEM......
  18. ^ Oh.... Yeah..... OEM isn't to hot on mobo changes.
  19. I have no idea to be completely honest, it was loaded my my family friend who owns a computer repair business. I'd assume it's legit, but I keep getting that stupid "is your windows genuine" pop-up every time I reboot (lol). It was loaded SP2 and I updated it to SP3. Anything I should get/do before I place this order? I'm literally at the pay screen, LOL.

    No, I am not going to OC by the way. No idea how and I don't think I will need it, haha.
  20. Umm, well, you might be OK. If not, check to see if you have a copy of win XP lying around.
  21. No need for more fans, you're not going to OC.
  22. Any idea where the best place to buy a disk is? I don't have one laying around :(
  23. Well, you can buy a windows 7 OEM license for about $100.....
  24. ^ Yeah best bet. You have the budget to anyway, or kinda.
  25. I only use XP guys. :(
  26. Why is that a problem? Windows 7 is basically the same... It's is still Windows.
  27. The other option is to obtain a copy from somewhere. I mean, you already own the license, right?
  28. I don't have any license or anything similar, I had a new hard drive given to me rebooted with windows XP and all of my old stuff when I got a virus a few years ago (a family friend owns a computer repair company here, he did it for me).
  29. Check your PM's
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