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I have a wireless router and two computers. That's how they both have the internet. Now I need to share a single printer though. How do I do this? If I try to set up windows network, it asks me questions about which computer connects to the net through which. Well, they are both that doesn't seem right. What should I do?
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  1. Don't use XP network wizards. To share a printer right click on it and share it. Limited experience with the home version of XP so it might make you run an initial wizard but once you run through that first network setup wizard (really an initialization wizard if I remember correctly) leave em alone.
  2. The correct thing to choose in the network setup wizard would be my computer connects through another computer on the network (the other computer being your router). But I advise that you not use the wizard as it has a tendancy to screw up networks instead of make them, lol. You should be good to go as soon as you plugged in the network cable.

    To share the printer just go to printers in the control panel, right click on your printer, choose sharing, (if there is a little disclaimer link click it and choose just enable file sharing), choose to share the printer and give it a diff share name if you wish, and hit ok.
    If both computers are runnin xp the other computer might automatically install the printer. Check printers in the control panel before installing it manually. If it didn't install automatically go to start, run, type in \\(other computer's name)\ and hit enter. The printer should show up in a window and you just have to double click on it to install it.

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  3. I'm finding it very hard to do that. The computer I'm on is connected to the internet, and so is the other one, but it seems as though they are completely blind to eachother. I don't get it. I want to be able to send things directly from one computer to another, but I can't. What gives?
  4. Can you see the other computer in my network places?
    Assuming you haven't changed any of the default network settings both machines are probably in the MSHOME workgroup. Just double click on my network places and click on view workgroup computers. Do both machines appear there? If so what happens if you click on the other machine?

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  5. No, in fact there is no MSHOME workgroup at all. only one thing appears in my network places, and that's "Entire Network", which it can't browse because it can't find the network.
  6. Sry, I was under the assumption that you were using winxp on both machines. Now that I read through again you never mentioned what OS you were using :)
    Are you running XP on both machines?
    (you will have to have common tasks activated to see "view workgroup computers")

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  7. Both computers must have the same workgroup name in order for them to see each other.

    What operating systems are both computers running?
  8. The one attached directly to the router via cable is running WindowsME. The one attached wirelessly is using WinXP Home.
  9. Ahh... They definatly won't be in an MSHOME workgroup then :) The ME machine will probably be WORKGROUP and the xp machine will probably be MSHOME. Your xp machine "should" see them both but just to make sure I'd make them both be in the same workgroup. I can't recall where the tab is at the moment to change the ME workgroup but I know where the one is in XP. Just right click on my computer, go to properties, go to computer name, click change, under workgroup put in WORKGROUP (make it the same as the ME machine). You can change the name of the computer there too if you wish.
    Have you shared a file on the xp machine? XP doesn't want to comunicate with the network at all until you share a file and agree to their little disclaimer thing (choose "just enable filesharing").

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  10. Not too sure about WinME either, but it's probably not much different than in Win98SE (if at all). If this is so, then you can change the workgroup name by doing this:

    Right-click My Network Neighborhood
    Select Properties
    Click the Identification tab.

    At this point, you will be able to change the Computer Name, Workgroup Name, and Computer Description. Also, before clicking the Identification tab, make sure that you enable File and Printer Sharing and change from Windows Family Logon to Windows Client.

    If you have a firewall on each computer, you will have to add the IP addresses of each computer into the Trusted Zones.
  11. One other thing:

    If you are not using a print server, then the computer that is directly connected to the printer (Computer A) must remain turned ON so that the second computer (Computer B) may use the printer.

    When configuring Computer A to share the printer over the workgroup, you will need to have the printer's CD in the CD-ROM drive to load up the drivers for Windows ME and XP. So, you will end up installing the drivers manually ONLY on Computer A. Computer B (not directly connected to the printer) will use the driver that is installed on Computer A.
  12. Neither computer 'sees' the other at all, and neither one will allow me to put it in a workgroup.
  13. Ewaa? Is the box to enter a workgroup grayed out or something?

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  14. Decker87,

    Do you have firewalls installed on each computer?

    Firewalls allow you to add (the) IP addresses (of authorized computers that you know are part of your network) into their "Trusted Zone." For example, let's say you have five computers. One acts as a file server, allowing the other four computers access to its files. I install a firewall, but then I'll have to tell the firewall to let the four computers through. I do this by entering the IP addresses of those computers into the "Trusted Zones" of the firewall. Likewise, if one of the four computers wants to give another computer access to ITS files, then its firewall will also have to be configured with the authorized IP addresses that will access its files.


    As far as changing the Workgroup name goes...

    On the XP machine
    Pay particular attention to steps 15-34
    Keep in mind that you must choose your own Computer Description, Computer Name, and Workgroup Name.

    On WinME machine
    Be sure to use the SAME WORKGROUP NAME as assigned to the XP machine.

    At this point, you will have to configure the Trusted Zones of your firewall (on each computer) to allow incoming traffic from each other....if you have firewalls set up, of course.
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