Windows 7 hibernation??

I recently installed windows 7... its great except for one problem. When i leave my computer (not a laptop) on for a while the screen will go black and the computer will go into hibernation, and i cant get the computer back on. No matter how much i move the mouse or click the on button. I am not sure if my computer even supports hibernation, With XP i just had a screen saver with "WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL" moving back and forth. Even with a screen saver on in windows 7, the hibernation still happens.

How do i turn off this hibernation feature on windows 7?
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  1. pressing the power button should turn hibernation off

    on the start menue type (w/o the quotes) "powercfg -h off" and press Enter
  2. or
    Start Menu, and type "powercfg.cpl" (or go through Control Panel, Power Options, Change Plan Settings)
    click on the "Change plan settings" link
    expand Sleep and Hibernate after that
    Under Hibernate after, set the Setting (Minutes) to Never
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