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So I just edited my Reg to make Windows boot, when I changed my SSD to boot Via AHCI, instead of IDE. Fairly simple, no problems.

I tried to run WEI, after boot, and it hangs on the last step, Assessing Disks.. Hangs there for about 20 mins, completely freezing up my PC. Explorer, Ctrl Alt Delete doesnt work, I can literally move my mouse and thats it, not even Right click. I left it alone for 20 mins, and it came up with an error saying assessing took too long and forced closed. Check winlog for detailed info..

Thats the winlog.

It's not the end of the world but I would like to see my WEI Score, with my SSD running at optimum settings, eventually I plan to OC my CPU and GPU when I get a better Heat Sync for my CPU, I'd like my SSD to be my lowest Score, at like 7.9 or somthin :D
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  1. Try deleting this file:

    The WEI log file is located at: C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\winsat.log

    Maybe then WEI will reset itself.

    Worth a shot.
  2. Gave it a shot, No Dice.
  3. In Device Manager, are all devices installed properly?
  4. Yea, everything is installed properly.
  5. bump.
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