First Build and can't figure out how to install video card.

HI this is my first build. I'm pretty much a noob. Everything seems to work except for my graphics card. I can only get video when i'm plugged into the on board dvi. The systems seems not be able to recognize my video card. Everytime i try to install the driver it wont let me. I'm not even sure if the wiring is right for it. I have a Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 and a Zoltac GTX 580.

Here are some pictures of how they are plugged in.

The white is for 8 pin connector connected to the card.

This is all I have plugged in for the card. Is there anything in Bios i have to do? In the manual it says i Have to turn Apg to Pci-e, but thats suppose to be on the board but I don't see any switches.
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    From the photo, it looks as if the graphics card uses a 6+2(8pin) Pcie connector, and a 6pin connector.

    It looks like you have plugged a 6pin connector into the 8pin slot, and left the other 6pin slot open (on the graphics card)

    Basically what you need to do : Left slot on gpu - plug in a 6+2(8pin) connector
    Right slot on gpu - plug in a 6pin connector (what you currently have plugged into the left slot in the photo of your gpu)
  2. I agree with the above. If your power supply doesn't have a 6+2-pin PCIe cable, it may not be capable of powering a GTX580.

    Can you give us the power supply's make and model number to be certain, along with the rest of the system's specs? From the pic, we can see it's peripheral cabling is all modular, but it doesn't appear either of the PCIe ports is 6+2-pin.
  3. The graphic card should have all required cables. Connect the 6pin connector to the left pin hole and if u don't have the cables get some 4 pin molex to 8 pin connectors (3$)
  4. Hi Thanks for your replies. Adull89 was right. The instructions in the packaging were bit vague to say the least. Their diagram didn't help much as it had an X over the second slot so I assumed nothing plugged in there. @RazberyBandit I have a CM Silent Pro 700w and came with all the connectors needed.
  5. You're welcome. Enjoy the gaming, that card is a beast! :)
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