Gainward GTX 460 768MB stripes

Hi, i got a problem. Everytime when I am watching a video, or playing any games I have stripes at the top of my screen (5-6 cm from upper edge). I used two 2 monitors (Samsung Syncmaster 931BW and now BenQ E2220HD), to be sure, that it isn´t problem of monitor. The stripes apper on both monitors. I don´t want to RMA, ´cause I haven´t any other GPUs, that can I use. Other specs of my computer:
MB: Asus P7H55
CPU: Intel Core i3 540 (not OC)
HDD: HDD WD 640GB Serial ATA II 7200ot. 32MB
PSU: Fortron FSPAX550-60APN 550W PFC
CASE: Eurocase ML5485 yellow
LCD: Benq E2220HD
OS: WIN 7 ULT x64
FAN: back-92 mm, front-120mm

This is what appears, I must take a photo of it, ´cause when I save pics with PrintScreen, fraps or any other program it isnt´t so good to see.

Thank you very much for help ;)
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  1. Looks like a Monitor Problem to me...
  2. I tried 2 monitors and it was on both, so I think it isn´t issue of monitor.
  3. Take a screen shot in game and on normal desktop via fraps and or print screen then have someone else look at it for the same flaw. If it is not there then it is likely the signal path from the gpu to the connector ware the monitor cable connects to.
  4. Quote:
    Does the stripes appear at boot?
    Check if vsync is enabled

    If signal path from the gpu to the monitor port is defective it will appear at boot up.

    Best solution is to RMA the card.
  5. Ok, i can try take a screen in desktop and in game, when i come home. And when system boots i can´t see it, because at the top of screen is just black place, so i can comparise it.
  6. With vsync it is the same.
    I tried to take a screenshot, when the stripes most appears. But in the screen I can´t see any stripes, I can only take a photo of it, that you can see.
  7. So it does not appear on the screen shot? If so then there is a physical defect. Just contact customer service ware you bought the card or the company that made it for RMA.
  8. Yeah I should, but i won´t endure it. I can´t be without PC 1 month :)
  9. Today I just got nvidia 8500GT. I installed it to PC, everything proceeded ok, but the stripes were still appearing. After it, I have reinstalled windows and installed back GTX 460, but the stripes are still appearing. Now I absolutely don´t know what to do.
  10. Well you just ruled out what I have been saying so it has to be the monitor then again you said that you tested the same monitor on another machine and didn't have the problem. :s There has to be something that we have missed. Are you by chance using an adapter between the card and the monitor cable?
  11. Adapter? I just got DVI, VGA and HDMI possibilities, I tried every cable, but it appears when i use any cable.
  12. OK so there are no adapters used like a dvi to vga or hdmi to dvi ect?
  13. No, no adapaters, actually I tried use another cables, and drag out one RAM (i have 2x2GB), but nothing helped, I ask this question on another forum and one said, this might be issue with PCIe slot, that 1 pin can be damaged.
  14. That could be a limited possibility.
  15. Yeah, I know, but now I don´t know what to do, yesterday i flashed bios on the motherboard to the latest, but it hasn´t helped.
  16. ok remove the card and get a bright flash light and try to inspect the slot for damaged pins.
  17. Yeah, i did it, but i didn´t see any damaged pin
  18. OK how many and what cards do you have on hand? Can the second system be able to test the cards?
  19. I have had only GTX 460 and 8500GT, I haven´t tried them on another computer. but what is special? when i flashed bios, the stripes were still appearing, but yesterday and today I haven´t them, i don´t know whether it´s repaired, ´cause before 1 week, I hadn´t stripes too, but only 1 day, so now I hope it won´t appear again
  20. Who knows this could be thermal related, is the room warmer or cooler? If nothing is different don't tinker with any thing and just use the system as normal till the problem appears again.
  21. Yeah, I know, i hope it wont appear again, and in my room is about 73 °F
  22. Please help me. The stripes appeared again, so i flashed bios to 0802 (older, comes with board) and stripes still appeared, so i have flashed bios to 0302 (first bios for this mobo) and now when i turn on computer, nothing appears on screen, the monitor says that plug the cable, I tried other monitor, but still the same. I tried to drag out cmos battery and get it back, i tried reset the bios by jumper, but nothing helped. I think i need new bios chip, but i dont know where can i buy it. Pleaseee, help me.
  23. Flashing the bios is one thing people should only do as a last resort, you likely bricked the board on the last flash or it doesn't support your current cpu with that bios revision. You are out of luck on this one and is time to rma.
  24. Ok yesterday I got new board - gigabyte h55m-ud2h, and unbelievably the stripes still appears. Now the stripes can be caused by anything - cpu, psu, hdd
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