HELLO, right now i have a pentium dual core 820 2.80ghz , nvidia 9500gt 1gb ddr2, 4gb ram ddr2(2x2), 945GCM-S2L(MOTHERBOARD), as you know that today the hardcore games like battlefield 3, nfs run etc.. won't run on such pathetic configuration and its really the time for me to update my current configuration .OK.. so now i planned to update my processor to "Amd fx 4100(QUAD CORE)"
,this needs an am3+ socket and i have the option of "ASUS M5A78L-M LE AM3+"and "Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2" but i dont understand this thing that today i have "nvidia 9500gt" card and in future i am going to update it to a "nvidia gtx 550ti ", will these motherboards support them?( i mean nvidia cards),or these support ati cards ,also explain me this concept that are motherboards made for nvidia cards and ati cards seperately.
please answer my main question of graphic card compatibility with those boards which i mentioned,thanks for reading my post please take an effort of answering it..hope you have a good day/night!!
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  1. If your motherboard has a pci-e 2.0 slot, then they should work. Be sure your power supply has the right connector when you get the 550ti. Check the specs for this card before ordering and see if a minimum power supply is listed. I recommend a branded ps such as antec, corsair, enermax, ocz or seasonic. I use ocz, and it's a good value.
  2. There's no problem using Nvidia cards on AMD CPU's or vice versa. The are no compatibility problems regarding motherboards and GPU's
  3. "o1die" and "akxpckwb" thank you both for answering my post ,i think i should go with "ASUS M5A78L-M LE AM3+" it would be a better choice..thanks again it helped me a lot ...
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