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Update BIOS from 0705 to 1208... how do I do this?

Hey all. My new video card is giving me troubles and I want to update my BIOS just to ensure it's not the reason for my issues. As the subject states, I have 0705 right now and I want to upgrade to 1208. I downloaded M5A99X-EVO-ASUS-1208.ROM but the questions I have are...

1) Can I go straight from 0705 to 1208 or do I have to go to some intermediary driver before jumping all the way up?
2) Do I just point to it using Asus EZ Flash utility in the UEFI BIOS Utility and let it take over?

Many thanks in advance.
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    1. you can flash straight up
    2.put the bios file on a usb formatted FAT, it'll be easier to find, and i dont beleve ez flash can see NTFS format
  2. Thanks for the confirmation, nna2. I didn't have a USB around so I put the .ROM on a DVD and copied it to my computer, then just set the .ROM at the root drive. From there I was able to load it to the EZ Flash utility and it updated without an issue. When the system retarted after the Flash, I was greeted with the old, ugly looking AMI screen that said something about entering setup. That put me back in the UEFI BIOS. I just saved changes and exit, forcing a second reboot. That time the computer booted to windows.

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