Will my CPU bottleneck a gtx 460?

Hello everybody. Currently I have an AMD Dual core 3.0ghz with a gtx 260. I really want to upgrade to a gtx 460 but from what I heard a dual core will bottleneck a high end video card. I am not really looking to upgrade my processor because I mainly play games. The video card im looking to buy is a GeForce GTX 460 Fermi Hawk OC 780MHZ 1GB GDDR5. Any advice would be appreciated..
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  1. Yes, your CPU will bottleneck your GPU in some of the new games, but you should still be able to run them on lower settings..
  2. Well the GTX460 is FAR from a high end video card, but I get what your saying.

    It really depends on which AMD 3ghz dual core you have, but there will still be SOME bottleneck. If you have a Phenom II dual core, then it won't be too bad. If it's an older AMD dual core, then it will be much more significant.
  3. The GTX 460 isn't as powerful as the shader count would suggest much like the gts 450 when it barely competes with a nearly 5 year old 8800gtx. You will more or less likely to break even with some games seeing gains. It is more of an option for those who have failing cards or moving up from lower end cards that are older than the GT200 era. For me I had seen some nice gains but I came from two 9800gt in sli. In games that really took advantage of the more powerful shader design of the older cards as well the better texture fill rates the gains were not so great until I overclocked to 850 on stock volts.

    The 560ti is basically twice as powerful as a single 8800gtx but with three times the shaders with a massive clock advantage. Typical clocks for a G80/GT200 were 570-650mhz while the 460 and the 560 typically range from 680mhz to 1ghz.

    You want a stronger card to make it even worth it all. GTX 560Ti with 900mhz core clocks or higher or a gtx 570 but they tend to randomly fail with rates in the ~5% range give or take. This is one area of computing that I live and breathe.
  4. I have the AMD Phenom X2 550
  5. Nuke it! Higher the better. Dual core cpus are more or less on the way out for a lot of reasons but try to overclock to 3.6ghz or so to help balance out the bottleneck. That will be enough for only a single gtx 460.
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