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Hey there,
I bought an acer Aspire AX1800 with Windows Vista (home premium), G210 512MB (Nvidia Geforce) a while ago and I am having trouble with the graphics card I think. I used a different monitor with the desktop which is a benq FP92W. When I log on and start doing work or watch a video or anything like that, the screen will go black, and then it will say “No Signal Detected” and just go off, then I just restart it. It keeps on happening and I have no idea why?? can you help?

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  1. No signal detected probably means the cable is faulty , or not attached properly .

    The monitor is just telling you its not plugged in , its not saying anything about the computer
  2. I had a similar problem with my computer. When I pluged my computer in to my tv it would only occasionly display anything. Found out that the hdmi cord I was using(dynex) was the source of the problem. I purchased a new cable and problem solved.
  3. oh really ok. cause now its saying that i have a driver problem with nvidia? It says nvidia has encountered a problem. I updated the driver but it still happens? Thanks for the advice but i plugged in the cable again but am still having the problem, i may buy a new cable today and see what happens. but if i just install vista again with the original settings would that work?? I am just really fed up with it. like in just writing this message it has resarted twice.......
  4. Maybe it was a bad install of drivers, I also kind of doubt that it is a windows problem but it is worth a shot I guess.
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