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Hello, I also had imminent disk failure + it said error 301 ., contacted HP they did send me ,a few disk to help 1of 2 is system recovery , the other is Application andDriver Recovery CD . I didnt have to use the 2disk set of System Recovery . I put in the Application and Driver Cd let it do its test which took a good couple hours . it said replacing bad sectors in certain paths anlong with a few other things I dont remember. I have a Pallivallon Dv7 Notebook BIOS Version F-27 ,AMD Phenom , EB690FAE4C, Disk Name Toshiba MK6465836ATA, if the last few thing mean any thing to you. Today after work I rushed home to see what it will , Well I m able to email you, YES ! but Im still nervious about everything still.afraid to shut it down. My question is, will that cd fix my problems or is it just temp.? I dont know what the disk is or if it repaired, Is the hard disk still going out ? Can you give ne your advise? What does a Application and Driver Recovery actully do?
Thank You

Carrie Laney
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  1. Hello calaney

    Sorry to hear about your HDD issue.
    It is really not possible for anybody to predict/foresee the health of HDD. If your laptop is working fine now, that is a good news.
    You talked about bad sectors. I would say you must keep a back up of your important Data to be on safe side. You did run Application and Driver Recovery CD - that means it marked the bad sectors and moved data on bad sectors to good sectors and that fixed the problem.
  2. a link to test your toshiba hard drive go to chapter on the page http://www.hiren.info/downloads/freeware-tools/46
  3. If it found bad sectors on your disk it is best practice to replace the disk even if it is now working again. It is true that the utility would recover the bad sectors and mark them as bad. But I wouldn't trust that disk on its own, I'd just replace it. Use a utility (like suggested above) to make sure your disk does in fact have bad sectors and then image the drive over to a new one.
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