Best Aftermarket cooler for 5870 2gb eyefinity

Whats the best cooler in the price range of $50-$65?

GELID Solutions GC-VGA02-01

Open to other suggestions, looking to purchase from
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  1. Yes but in my exp i dont like it.
  2. cia24 said:
    Yes but in my exp i dont like it.

    Why did you not like it?
  3. compared to the 3 fan setup it is a bit louder and it moves less air other then that it will keep it colder. send me a link to your card so i can see the stock cooler.
  4. cia24 said:
    compared to the 3 fan setup it is a bit louder and it moves less air other then that it will keep it colder. send me a link to your card so i can see the stock cooler.
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    Make sure you get the complete kit with the ram heatsink everything. Sometimes they don't include that. Then you must be very careful when you put it on. You can damage your card very easily and it happened a lot. You must also remember replacing it with a aftermarket cooler you void the warranty as well so if you damage it you sit with nothing. So take caution and be patient when replacing it. Do not force anything or use oversized tools.

    Sup Dadiggle!

    What do you mean damage? In what way exactly?

    I know its fragile but I'm wondering what to look out for and what the best and easiest cooler to install would be? I can see the ram chips at the backside of the card would need heatsinks too....
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    The Twin Accell takes up a lot of space. How many slots do you have open?

    Its my bros pc, he only has one used slot for one main gpu. The rest of the slots are empty..... Does this cooler not only attach with 4 screws where the x clamp was?
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    That's a cooler

    Vrm heatsink

    Then get some Enzotech heatsinks for the memory. When did you buy the card btw? Why didn't you get the Vapor-x from Sapphire? Its got a good cooler on.

    I'm getting a new cooler because the stock one had the bearing in the fan go and the noises it was making were getting unbearable. Instead of paying to send it back and fourth to asia and get another stock card I'll pay to get a new cooler. I don't care about warranty because Sapphire is horrible and I want nothing to do with them. I'm taking matters into my own hands. Might as well upgrade this card for the same price basically. plus I got the card for $229.99 shell shocker.
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    Don't think they have stickers on the screws anyways if you Rma it lol
    Look up there the spitfire and those I suggested.

    I'll look at that cooler. I saw a linus techtip and he said the spitfire was surprisingly easy to install. I'm generally very careful .

    And no their was not one sticker on any screws. :) So they cant prove anything.
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    How far did you get with your OC BTW?

    Waiting on a check from the government to buy the parts..... :( Should have pc built by the end of the month/.
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    Lol I couldn't say that in the exact words coz I got flamed for being not honest once saying that lol
    Yes that is easy to install. Remember to get the ram heatsinks and the Vrm heatsink.
    Check this monster out


    But the spitfire is way too expensive as my brother is paying for it and he has no money. My dad is going to have to end up paying for it. He is already helping me purchase my pc.

    I need something manageable for $50-$65 ???????????????????
  11. Quote:

    Thats the one I was initially expecting to get. Its for my bros 5870 eyefinity.

    Here is a pic of the card. I covered all the spots I could find that look like they need a heatsink.

    So would I need anything extra with the arctic cooler?

  12. This is his case:

    I wonder if its possible to use the backplate it has for the backside ram chips. That kit looks like it would have enough for the front side of the card but not the back.... hmmm?
  13. Quote:

    Looks like it is included. The ram and the Vrm. If it doesn't you can always buy it. It cost 7 bucks.

    I'll order some extras just to be sure. The cooler looks to be decent, but makes the card look a little flimsy. I'll be careful with the 4 screw install LOL!
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    No need for extras the accessories that come with the cooler: manual, memory heatsinks, VRM transistor heatsink, power adapter, and installation hardware.

    But what about the 8 ram chips on the back of the card?
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    Purchased the twin turbo and installed. Works great!

    Furmark burn in 1280x720

    58C MAX after 10 minutes

    System idles in the low 20's

    low 40's while gaming


    Only issue is the fans do not seem to adjust. But it runs at its rated 2000rpms and its super quiet and runs way cooler so it just great!
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