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Extreme3 Gen3 no response

I had a power shortage problem with my pc a week ago and could not get my asus mobo to post. I would get one click from PSU, fans would spin for a second then nothing. So I ended up getting the asrock and I am still getting the same symptoms. I have mobo, cpu, ram, and psu with 24 pin and 8 pin connectors outside the case in a breadboard setup.

Specs with new mobo

asrock extreme 3 gen 3
8gb g skill ram
xfx 850w black psu

My question is why can't I get any damn response from the asrock mobo? It has a dr. debug led that is supposed to show error codes. I also get no beeps whether I have cpu/ram installed or not. I tested my PSU on and older core duo PC and it POSTed successfully. I also clear cmos with jumpers. I have a feeling my cpu is dead or the psu is causing the problems. I know the best thing would be to test components in another system, but I just want to know why I can't even get an error code from the mobo.
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  1. Bad asrock motherboard? Lack of error codes/beeps points to that.
  2. Can anyone confirm, from experience, what these ASrock motherboards do when the power is turned on if no CPU is installed, just the PSU?
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    No CPU no post, no ram post but code and beeps for missing ram.
  4. rolli59 said:
    No CPU no post, no ram post but code and beeps for missing ram.

    So I need to have the CPU installed and working to have any an error code with any config? In other words, with out the CPU I wont get any response from the mobo no matter what the config is?
  5. That is my believe.
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  7. Just an update: I got a new 2500k, slapped it in there and the mobo posted right up. So the 2600k is definitely dead. I am hoping Intel will help me out with their 3 year warranty, but I doubt it. Also, my SSD boot drive died as well. Other than that everything seems to be working.
  8. They should accept RMA if it is dead!
  9. 100% correct ^.
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