Failure of Internet connectivity thru' DSL every few minutes

Dear Sir,
I am using Window xp,sp3.Since quite long, I am facing the problem of loss of Internet connectivity no matter whatever Modem I use.At every interruption, I have to go back to 'Change Advanced setting twice before it gets re connected.
Please suggest a solution.
With due regards,
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  1. I would suggest that you call your provider and ask them to have a tech come out and run a line check (they can also perform a remote line check before sending a tech out) because it sounds like a problem with the service to me. I recently had 6meg service with AT&T but was having a similar issue. They ran a check between my house and the DSLAM (central office) and then sent out a tech. Come to find out I am 22,000 feet from the DSLAM. They are not supposed to offer that level of service if you are over 10-12K feet. The distance of the line was causing lost packets left and right so I had to downgrade to 3meg service. Can't get cable here cuz it is a big housing development but kind of off by itself...where oh where is Comcast or Uverse!
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