Privacy Protection Virus wont and I can't boot in safe mode

I got the Privacy Protection Rogue-ware Virus, it went past Norton Anti Virus, and I dont think I can even use Norton.
I tried to follow Bleeping Computers guide to removing Privacy Protection, but when I try to boot in Safe Mode with Networking, as the guide suggests, my laptop forces itself to reboot right back into Normal Windows mode. It reboots after the log in screen and I don't even have time to log in. If I'm fast enough to reach the screen I think it tells me I have the wrong password always, or maybe it's because I'm rushing to beat the reboot.
Either way it forces itself to reboot, and I try rebooting in safe mode again but I just end up in a cycle constantly restarting.
Also I have no system restore points, but I may have a Norton back up, but It's on a portable hard drive that I don't want infected, and I likely will not be able to start up Norton.
I'm pretty sure this is the virus's doing. Same thing happens in normal Safe Mode. So, please, what do I do now?
Currently I am on an uninfected Desktop. Also I think the Safe Mode problem might be related to Classpnp.sys, but I still get to the login screen, and I cant find any fixes for classpnp that don't require a startup disc or use options that Privacy Protection won't let me use.
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  1. Nevermind, I've apparently cured my laptop. I simply needed to use an SD card (or USB I guess) with all the files suggested in the guide (especially eXeplorer), and after mashing exeplorer.exe before the virus could force close it, the window and it's system tray notification went away and I could clear it away with Malware Bytes.
    I wonder why even pay for Norton if freeware fixes my problem ugh.
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