Motherboard wont detect os hard drive

I have a biostar TH67+ motherboard. I also have two hard drives, one is a mushkin 60GB SSD, the second is a 160 GB segate. My computer has been working fine for three months but now the 60gb ssd which is the hard drive with windows on it is not detected by the motherboard. The other drive and my DVD drive is detected. I'm pretty sure the ssd works. Also the boot before this windows fails to launch and displayed erorr 0xc000000f. I ran windows recovery of a cd, in windows recovery I could see my ssd, but it said it was only 30 mb. In the bios, I can only see the other drive and the DVD drive.

How can I fix this?
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  1. If it is not in BIOS, it either failed or connection to it came loose.
  2. I wish it was that simple but when I ran recovery I could see the drive in the explorer. At the same time my bios won't recognize it.
  3. Windows should not be able to see hardware that is not seen by BIOS! Do you see it in my computer or device manager?
  4. I see it in my computer as the is drive, but the size is wrong. I can only get into windows through the recovery disc though.
  5. Looks like half of it died but it should be in BIOS if you see it there.
  6. So do you think it's a motherboard issue or a hard drive issue?
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    Drive issue.
  8. I just tested the ssd in another computer and it worked. I'll just send the motherboard back and get a different one.
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  10. And it had no effect on the HDD? Usually if SATA controller fails it will affect everything.
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