How do I move User Account files and folders to Secondary HDD

I went ahead with my 1st build; WOW, lightning fast! Hopefully my problem is posted in the right place.

My build is an Sandy Bridge i7 cpu on an Asus p67 Sabertooth mobo. I have 2 GTX 460 vid cards, 8gb ram. A Patriot Torcx SATA2 64gb SSD, two WD 1TB 3gb/s running RAID. 75 in 1 Card reader, DVDR, Blu-ray RW and a Creative X-Fi sound card. All in a Cool Master Storm Scout 3000 powered by a quiet, blue 750 watt Rosewill.

The build was easier than expected. Wiring and routing was easy and reachable.Ran one fan from the board, others from PSU. After the hardware was in place, the OS install was where things got tricky. Used Windows 7 64bit, with the intentions of installing to the SSD drive, then putting all programs, user files and folders on the TB drives, keeping the SSD lean and mean.
After several attempts, we were only able to install the OS to the SSD if the other drives were not powered. After OS install, then the secondaries were installed.

Now that my comps running with all hardware updated , I want to be able to move all User Files and Folders to the Secondary TB drives from the SSD. I want to install all the Programs to the Secondaries too. Tried moving by drag and drop, nada. Tried to find an Administrative way to move, but nothing.

What am I missing? I would have set it up through the install if all drives were powered and seen.
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    Install programs on the boot drive with windows
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