Metro 2033 and my graphics cards

I recently started playing this. I have a q6700, 4 gb ram, win7 64bit. Sli Gtx 460s

And the game plays like crap. Constant stutters and lag, and frame rate drops. I tried playing at 1680 1050 on normal setting dx 10. And its basically unplayable. Weird thing is , it plays the basically the same on High, Dx11 1980 , 1050.

Is my system just not good enough to play this game? Or do you think my CPU is not good enough? I under the impression my Grx cards should be decent.

Anyone know how i could get a smoother performance from this game?

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  1. Im using the drivers from 1/7/11 which i believe are the latest.
    Im using Eset Smart Security.
    I have been using fraps and also Evga Precision tool, to monitor graphic card temps and performace percentages.

    Tried what u have said. I seem to get the same results from both high graphics on and low graphics on. Itll be playing fine, then itll chunk up, stutter, lag, frame by frame for a few seconds , then go back to a smooth playing area , then chunk up again. Its strange.

    When running good the FPS is around 40 to 50. Then cuts down to 2 or 3 for a few seconds. During this time EVGA precision indicated that the performance % of both cards are still up.

    I also have speedFan that tells me my cpu temp. And that temp is fine.

    So Im not quite sure what the problem is.

    Just for the sake of it, Ive been playing Crysis 2 on max settings, with no problems. ( i Understand it aint on par with M2033 due to no dx11) but still.

    So im not quite sure what the problem is...

  2. Whats the speed of your CPU?
  3. my cpu is 2.66

    I have never OC'd anything before . Im not sure how to do it!
  4. will do! thanks!
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