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I fear my PSU may be overheating, leading to the rest of my computer components overheating. Ever since I moved back to college, the PSU has been extremely hot. The vent in the back is very hot to the touch without running any major processes. When i turn on a game, it gets even worse. It is rather warm in my room, but I don't think that is contributing to the power supply being this hot. I am thinking about replacing it incase it does any damage to other components.
Current system: Xclio great power x14s4p4-750w PSU, Asus P5E3 WS Pro motherboard, Radeon HD5780, Intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.4GHz, Windows 7 Pro 64bit
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  1. 50C-60C or 122F-140F would be normal temps under load. If you're running much above that then it may be worth replacing the PSU.
  2. 50 - 60 C is not normal temps under load. Only the best PSU's are rated for full output power at 50 C.

    I estimate system power consumption at less than 400 watts under full load. Your PSU should not be running as hot as it is.
  3. Make sure the PSU fan is actually running. Also, that will teach you to buy a cheap junk brand psu.
  4. The fan is running, but it blows hot air down into the rest of my components. Also, the power supply is almost 3.5 years old, so I can't really complain about it not working properly anymore, I never had any power related issues prior to this.

    What would you guys recommend as a solid replacement? I was thinking of http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139021&cm_sp=Cat_Power%20Supplies-_-YTVideo-_-YT17-139-021 incase I ever want to add a second video card
  5. Replace that unit and be done with it. I hate generic brands as their quality is very very poor compared to more reputable brands. Antec, NZXT, Corsair, Enermax, and a few others are worth the money.
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