Can I use a RAM speed between listed Newegg values?


I have these 2x8 GB G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 SDRAM 2133 sticks of memory:

I am looking for a good motherboard for it. Sometimes Newegg is confusing and seems to randomly post specs to some parts and not to others, which throws me off because I don't want to assume. For example, this motherboard:

It would list
DDR3 2400+ / 1600/1333/1066
for compatibility, which doesn't list my 2133. Would a board like this be compatible with 2133? Other boards would explicitly list 2133 sometimes.

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  1. Most likely but then again ram has no problem running slower than its rated speed. If you are going with Ivy Bridge CPU it will default to 1600MHz.
  2. the speed of the ram with ddr3 intel for sandy bridge had 1333 as the max standard clock speed. anything over that was overclock or xmp profile. with ib chips it now 1600 at 1.5v it up to the mb vendor to test there mb and ram. i would email both intel and gskill to see if the ram been tested. intel tested ram is very small sample. not all mb ram guilds will be up to date. sometime you have to email there suport people or post on there forums. myself for a stable system and cost would be to buy s good pair of 1600 ram. your not going to see much in way of speed.
  3. Thanks for your replies. For some reason I have a friend who says that sometimes the boards are just made a certain way and you can have cases where it may run at a certain higher speed but not a certain lower speed. I still don't really completely trust newegg there though,
  4. i find crucial or kingston makes good ram i would use there ram advisors on there web page to see if there ram been tested in that mb.
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