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ATI vs Nvidia

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June 19, 2011 10:13:56 AM

Hi All,

I'm planning on building a new Power PC in the coming weeks. I have almost gathered all necessary information for doing so, but I still have an issue to clear. I don't which graphic card to use for this rig. So below is the list of components

1) I7 950
2) 12gigs Corsaire dominator ram 1600
3) 3tb hard disk+1 300gb WD velocirator( for OS and temp drive)
4) MSI BigBang Xpower
5) Corsaire 1000w
6) Coller master HAF X

I've skippedirrelevant in formation such as sound cards cooling system etc
I'am a designer and will be using this build mostly for 3D rendering, animations and video editing......
(Only for those who don't know it, graphic cards are really important in animation)

At first I wanted to buy 2 HD6870 and stack em in crossfire, then some guy told me it would have been better to get a bad ass card such as an HD6970 or an Nvidia 570....
Point which I did not realize until then, was that actually would have cost me cheaper....

So any help would be much appreciated for choosing the right card for this build and for what I'll be using it for,
(keeping in mind that I may buy a second card for SLI or Xfire in 2/3 months if necessary)


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June 19, 2011 10:57:29 AM

That processor is the first generation i7(1366 socket). While its still good, the newer i7 beat it hands down in gaming. Get the i7 2500k and get this motherboard from asrock p67 extreme:

As for the graphics card, get one gtx 570 now, add another later. GL.
June 19, 2011 11:22:58 AM

i7 2600k
z68 motherboard
8 or16 gig of RAM
a solid state hard drive to boot from
the other hard disks
64 bit Windows 7
and gaming graphics cards are NOT important for rendering . Mostly that is a CPU intensive task , but can be helped a lot by using an appropriate workstation graphics card .. so get a nVidia Quadro or AMD firepro
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June 19, 2011 5:59:21 PM

Thnks for your replies,
I've read a lot about i7 2600k, but wanted to use the 1366 socket because of the limitations of 1155 socket, for e.g, 1155 uses dual channel memory and from what I've read Triple channel memory clearly outperfoms it, SLI or Xfire will be limited to 2 cards, PC will be limited to 16gigs of ram (8gigs ram are expensive, couldn't find any anyway).......But now you really got this messing with my mind, feeling very confused.
Also graphic cards is REALLY important in 3d animation and video editing, however you got a point Outlander stating the Quadro or Firepro cards...But they are kind of way out of my budget, that's why I had to go for consumer gaming cards. So, could you please help me in choosing the right card.....
June 19, 2011 10:33:58 PM

change velociraptor to ssd. get a firepro, 16gig of ram or 8 with low latency and high speed and z68 mobo. thats it ^.^
June 20, 2011 1:53:58 AM

what programs are the top 5 most used programs, that you'll be using? or the top 5 most demanding? for your video editing, animation?
June 20, 2011 11:08:13 AM

To Moboho: Thnks for your reply.......SSD would be great Outlander_04 already stated that,Compared to motored hardisk, SSD has only only one drawback, being it's capacity to perform on long term usage of writting, erasing data.......I wanted to use the b drive as temp drive also, So I guess I'll have to write protect the disk and simply create another temp drive on the mass storage drive....Think that'll work..
June 20, 2011 11:37:48 AM

I use almost all programs in the adobe collection, which include Photoshop illustrator, Premiere pro, flash, After effects etc, I use maya and 3dmax a lot also......Maya, 3d max and premiere pro are the most demanding.....Firepro is all good and so is quattro, there's only one problem.....PRICE!