Windows 7 64 bit Uncorrectable Hardware Error

got the blue screen error that says "*** STOP: 0x00000124"

I have the dump thread from it on my desktop, not sure how to get it on here to view.
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  1. Judging from similar results just from the Google searches I would say it's an overheating issue.

    Check that the MB fans if it has any and/or Video card fans are running properly and the intakes are not obstructed in any way.
    Also the usual check that the case fans are running and there are no large quantities of dust piled up in the fans, heatsinks or in your case in general.
  2. I checked, vid card is at 35 degrees and i cleaned off all the fans, the 2 120mm fans i have are clean and working as i just got them replaced.

    Edit: CPU is running from 58-62 degrees Celsius.
    GPU is running at 41-43 degrees Celsius.
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