Need advice for ~1500$ gaming PC

I am planning to build a gaming PC with 22-24'' LCD and with intentions to upgrade it after 6-8 years with dual cards.

No intentions for overclocking.

Long term reliability has more preferrence than performance.

Enviroment temperature maximum is 45 degree celsius (summer noon) and minimum is 8 degrees (winter nights)

PC shall be turned ON most of the day (i.e. 14-18 hours / day)

I have reduced the choices as follows.

CPU (Need Advice)
(Preferred) INTEL CORE i7 2600 3.40Ghz (8MB CACHE) - 300$

(Alternate) INTEL CORE i7 2600K 3.40Ghz (8MB CACHE) - 315$

CPU Cooler (Selected)

Motherboard (Selected)
ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 (LGA1155) - 213$

Chasis (Need advice)
(Preferred) COOLER MASTER CHASSIS HAF X 942 - 190$


Graphics Card (Need Advice)
I am little biased towards nVidia.
(Preferred) EVGA GTX 570 320 Bits 1280MB DDR5 732MHZ - 360$

(Alternate) XFX HD 6970 256 Bits 2048MB DDR5 880MHZ - 350$

(Lower Preferred) XFX HD 6950 256 Bits 2048MB DDR5 800MHZ - 287$

(Lower Alternate) EVGA GTX 560 256 Bits 1024MB DDR5 900MHZ - 190$ (But local price being same as 6950)

Power Supply (Need Big Advice)
I am confused with separate rails technology of Antec.
(Preferred) CORSAIR 850 WATTS (CMPSU-850TX) NON-MODULAR - 135$



(Lower Preferred) CORSAIR 600 WATTS (CMPSU-600GUK) NON-MODULAR - 100$

(Lower Alternate) COOLER MASTER SILENT PRO M 600W RS-600-AMBA-D3 - 100$

(Lower Alternate) ANTEC EA650 650WATTS CONTINUOUS POWER - 90$

Memory (Need Advice)
Confused with 1.5V and 1.65V issue and also that Vengeance is not listed in supported list of SABERTOOTH.
(Preferred) CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR3 8GB-1600 4GX2 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) - 90$

(Alternate) CORSAIR DOMINATOR DDR3 4GB-1600BUS 2GX2 (CMD4GX3M2B1600C8) x2 - 70$x2

Harddisk (Selected)
WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR BLACK 1000GB 3.5" HDD 64MB Cache (WD1002FAEX) x2 - 90$x2

Monitor (Need Advice)

UPS (Need Advice)
Not for backup time but mainly to turn CPU OFF upon electric failure (there are plenty in my location). It will be good if this UPS could turn PC back ON after electric power restoration.
APC 650VA (P/N BK650VA) - 110$

Other available resources
=================== (Prices are 100 times lower for USD. e.g. 1000 = 10$)
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  1. CPU: If only for gaming then i would go for the i5 2500, the difference between the two is not noticeable in gaming and it saves a lot of cash.

    CPU Cooler: If no overclocking then stock should be more than enough so none needed.

    Mobo: I like the Sabertooth very much, but to get the full benefits you will need a 50mm fan to go on the board to allow the TUF armor to operate effectively.

    Chassis: HAF X is a very good choice.

    Graphics Card: I would personally go with the EVGA 570 if it is to last that long, or even dual 560Ti's.
    I realize that you said that you will add another card in 6-8 years, i think it would be best to just buy an entirely new graphics card then as the technology is progressing really quickly (try and think of a GPU from 6 years ago and compare it to the cheapest on offer today).

    PSU: The Corsair 850W is a very good choice and leaves a bit of head-room for upgrading. Also, non-modular is the way to go if you don't mind having a lot of wires floating about in the case (will not be a problem with the HAF X)

    I can't really advise any more as i do not know the American market very well (i'm from the UK), however my final piece oof advice would be to get an SSD as these provide a noticeable improvement in general speed and responsiveness. Something like the Crucial M4 will do just fine.
  2. I would upgrade both GPU and PSU after 6/8 years and with latest model.

    This PSU is for this card only.

    Kindly elaborate on 50mm fan about mobo,

    And thanks for your response.
  3. With regard to the 50mm fan, essentially too allow the TUF armor to operate effectivly there needs to be airflow through it. This can either be done through a top-down CPU cooler or a 50mm fan for which they have a slot for.

    This review sums it all up very nicely:

    Any of these will do the job:
  4. the i7 is not necessary for gaming because games cant use the extras like hyperthreading so go with the i5 2400 since the 2500 is a waste of money unless you are getting the k model.

    if you wont overclock you dont need a seperate cpu cooler

    the sabertooth is expensive and because you need to buy another fan for it, i find the idea stupid. go with this motherboard-

    here's a monitor for less no led though but that doesnt effect picture quality only power consumption-

    case- or

    gpu same price because of free shipping- you ont be able to find this same card 6-8 yrs. from now

    this is a great psu for a great price-

    ram gskill makes the best-

    this hdd is cheaper and faster- - i would start with one and upgrade later if you need more space
  5. +1 to the 2400, didn't mean to put 2500 :/
  6. kindly stick to the list i provided (due to the unavailability of most brands/products in my location)

    Addition of M.B.

    ASUS P8P67 - 140$
  7. sry wrong mobo i listed.
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