Does core i7 740 qm supports 1600mhz ram

hello,friend can anyone tell me that can 1600mhz ram work in 1333mhz ram slot i am having core i7 740 qm processor and 6 gb of 1333mhz processor
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  1. If you are planning an ram upgrade (speed) for performance increase then there is no noticeable difference between the two but measurable.
  2. so you want to say there is no difference in speed
    and thanx for reply
  3. There is a difference but so small that it will not be noticeable.
  4. Similar question, will it support or not. Not inetrested in knowing the benifit etc.
  5. officially it will not support 1600mhz ram,
    you will have to downclock it from1600mhz to 1333mhz using bios

    but if notebook support overclocking then you can overclock ram and/or cpu
    above 1333mhz (overclocked) will have a very little performance increase (1%-5%) when cpu keept at stock.

    Or use xmp if it have
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