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32gb kit for ASRock x79 Extreme6/gb

I'm trying to find a supported kit of 32gb worth of ram for my new build (i7 3930k). Problem is, from what I can tell of ASRock's supported memory list
the list seems a bit old, as much of it is discontinued at newegg. I really want to find a supported kit to avoid any technicalities if something goes wrong in the build. Can't afford the time lost. Any ideas?
Or are my concerns ungrounded? I've heard horror stories about unmatched ram stopping a system, and I DO have horrible luck

NOTE: due to the SB-e (and my need for complete warranty compliance on this work computer) the RAM also can't be above 1.5v

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  1. They do not have the time to check all so just take a pick of what is on the market, 99.9% will work if correct voltage regardless of the list
  2. Why do you need 32gb? There's no usage pattern that I know of today that'll max out 16gb.
  3. I do large multi-layer photo and video editing, and will also be setting up a ramdisk. I think I'm set, likely going with Corsair Vengeance 1600.

    Much thanks to jaquith for some life-saving info on SB-E ram info regarding g.skill Ares ram and the VCCIO/VCCSA voltage in XMP. I was close to getting it, but have to need to destroy my system!
  4. Never heard of that issue before.
  5. Although I can't find them right now, I had seen a couple posts about this. It's better to be safe than sorry on this, IMO, so I went with the new low voltage ram from Corsair. He also recommended a couple mushkin kits including the frostbyte series (mushkin low voltage).
    If i read the info correctly, the known issue lies in keeping to <=1.5v ram, but a quiet killer is the RAM recommended VCCIO/VCCSA voltage in the BIOS. may be wrong about it, but I'll get into more research on it when I have the gear together.
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    The safest bet for 32GB is a 4x8GB, I like the Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3 1600 Model 994055 CAS 11-11-11-27 @ 1.50v - /edit link

    VCCSA (I find it very funny from G.SKILL's Admin) -

    "In addition for long term CPU lifespan and reduction of draw and heat considerations VCCSA and VTT value of 1.100 are advised. When exceeding 1600 speeds 1.150 to 1.200 may be required for 1866+ it is strongly advised you attempt lower operating voltage levels first and if all possible maintain 1.100 as your maximum. Considerations for defining and maintain a 1.200 can be considered but are still under analysis currently ASUS has reached frequencies in excess of 2800 in full 8 DIMM population when the quality of the IMC is high. Highest DRAM scaling has been achieved with 1.300 to 1.400 with currently no signs of issues until more analysis is completed though it is still only advised to use up to a maximum of 1.200v with an ideal recommendation for 1.100."/


    I've determined a VCCSA >1.35v will permanently degrade the SB-E CPU, and ditto with a VCore >1.55v regardless of CPU temps.
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