I5 3570k and asus p8z7-v le dont boot and no video

bought the combo with corsair memory, system gets stuck in a reboot cycle, indicated by the monitor getting activated and then going back to sleep. exchanged mobo, then memory, then cpu
no change
please help
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  1. Make sure you don't have any other card plugged. Also try to turn on with no memory attached.
  2. there two bios updates one for memory and one for cpu id code. use a fat32 formatted usb stick and use the usb flashback button on the back of the mb. all you need to use it is rename the bios file in asus guild to your mb. connect the usb to the port and just have the mb power on you dont need to post the mb. press the button for three sec. if the file is named right the usb flashback led will change it blinking speed and then go dark.
  3. Dear all thanks for the advice. Turned out it was the reset switch of the case that prevented the boot.
    disconnected the reset adn everything is fine. not even reversing polarity helped, only disconnect.
    Cost me 4 trips to microcenter, switching memory, mobo, and cpu one after the other, only to find it was the case.
    Thanks all for the tips anyway!!!!!
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