New rig and gpu performance

Hello there i'm willing to buy in the near future a new rig to replace my old faithful Barton 2500+ Mobile version and 6800 GT graphics (better not to mention ram 1,5 GB).

Interested in getting:
i5 2500k
2 x 4 GB RAM (Kingmax or Kingston, maybe Mushkin Radioactive version @ 1600 Mhz)
650 or 750W PSU
Asus P8Z68-V PRo or that cheaper one of ASUS without Z68 support
and finaly i'm doubting what to get regarding GPU.
Mentioning that i'll play on 1440 x 900 resolution, not planing to buy new monitor but considering it as an option.

Thinking of MSI 560 Ti Twin Frozr III Hawk (in the future upgrade it on SLI mode) or Radeon MSI 6870 Hawk in Crossfire.

I know i will get the major boost with just one of this cards i know the differences between nvidia and ATI but ATI's cards are better regarding the price and power consumption so overall i'll pass through cheaper.

I'm seriously thinking 'bout going SLI or Crossfire and i'm willing to hear some thoughts 'bout that and possibility of microstuttering is this true or false, truth or lie?

What kind of performance will i get in WoW on single card and/or SLI, what 'bout other games?

Also i'm willing to spend 'bout 1200$ on this new rig.

Is this the right time to buy it or wait for newer cards/processors?
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  1. My 560ti can handle wow on ultra settings in 25man raids during boss fights without dropping at 1920x1080. The 6870 should handle it just as well. In WoW you won't see a gain in going SLI/CF since the 2nd card will really just be for show in fact I've seen crossfire reduce WoW performance.
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